Hacker News

Hacker News – the social news site focusing on tech and startups is surprisingly popular and influential.

It was originally called Startup News, but in 2007 changed to Hacker News(HN) and I think this is a major part of its success. ‘Hacker’ has a certain edge, people can feel a little special using it, all users know what the site is really about and the mainstream term for ‘hacker’ – malicious practises and breaking into peoples computers or networks does not apply here. The term is more based on ‘hacking things together’ – putting pieces of code etc to get something working.

Reddit – another popular social news site with is noted as being a model, which HN aims to replicate the early days of, while wishes avoiding the the standard of content being lowered due to a quick influx of new users. Veteran users who have accumulated a certain amount of upvotes on their comments and submissions can vote-down items, while standard users can only up-vote. This techniques have so far helped to a degree, but there are still users whom say the site used to be better before its popularity increased.

The site has a very simple user interface, deceptively hiding it’s popularity from the start and form and function are heavily favoured over design. This is not to say the site couldn’t be improved, but the minimalist design sort of adds to the sites charm, and underground quirkiness I believe many users like about the site – again relating to why the ‘Hacker’ word in the title helps the sites popularity.

I’ll let you Google the site to find it ūüôā


Wow, what a great site.

After seeing it used on stackoverflow, which it is amazingly useful for, I’ve been playing around and it really is useful.Jsfiddle¬†allows you to test javascript with various frameworks, combined with html and css, LIVE. You make a quick edit – test, and see the outcome. A great learning tool and also useful for quick testing in¬†development, compartmentalising your application.

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CodeIgniter MVC Pattern

The MVC pattern is used throughout software engineering.

It separates parts of an application to increase the re-usability of code (reducing redundancy) and makes the code easier to work with.

The model deals with fetching and holding data.

The view handles the user interface and inputs.

The controller processes any data and inputs between the model and view.

Hello world!

I’ll keep the title since it is relevant for any first coding tutorial. So Hello World and I hope you enjoy the blog. There will be more posts to come soon.